Jason Yue Chen is a Creative Technologist & New Media Artist

Jason Yue Chen is a creative technologist and designer from Shanghai, China. His current practice primarily focuses on the production of interactive and immersive experiences through various mediums and materials such as sound, light, videos and installations. With his background in digital media and computational arts, he engages with topics related to identities, urban space as well as developing stronger connectedness and conversations among people using digital technology. 

His long-term interest in Generative art and data-driven art has led to continuous learning of different tools to create works which he shares with the public through social networks. Recently he is interested in using machine learning in combination with generative art techniques to seek uncovered dynamics hidden within these technologies.

  • Processing
  • P5JS
  • openFrameworks
  • TouchDesigner
  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • MadMapper
  • Arduino